Cleaning up Your Guns After a Flood


West Baton Rouge where Spillway Sportsman is located was largely unaffected by our recent floods but many people in the area had 6′ or 7′ high flooding. This means water came in to their home and drywall, insulation, and a lot of other parts of the home and people’s belongings are now moist, rusty, damaged, or even irreparable. This also means that gun owners may now have moist or wet guns.

If you are busy with other things such as preventing mold and bacteria in your home feel free to bring your guns to our gun store. We will be happy to clean them up and lubricate them and get them back to a fully functional and safe state of operation for you. We also offer basic repair services as well.

Or if you would like to clean them yourself, read on.

Cleaning up Your Guns After a Flood

How you clean your guns after a flood depends on what type of guns you have and how wet they got.

Some guns will be able to be cleaned with simple field stripping, cleaning, and lubrication. In a pinch a revolver can survive with a little WD40. Other guns will need more attention. Rusted springs and interior parts will need to be removed and replaced.

The biggest tip we can offer is to make sure that you lubricate after cleaning your guns. When cleaned they will be clean and dry. Lubrication is important to keep them from rusting.

Here are some products we have in stock that some people may find useful for cleaning wet guns:

  • Tetra Gun Action Blaster. This is a product we carry which blasts dirt, debris, residue and other gunk off of gun parts. Be sure to keep this off of plastics and polymers.
  • Gun Scrubber. This is a great product which is plastic safe. This blasts away dirt and other sediment which could be in your gun after a flood.
  • Perma Blue. This is an easy to use, home use, cold bluing product. If you have rust spots or surface rust and sand it off you can apply Perma Blue to touch up. This is not as good as true bluing but is ok for small rust spots.
  • Hoppes #9 cleaning kits. We have rifle and shotgun cleaning kits in stock.
  • Tru Oil. This stuff can be used on furniture too. For over 3 decades people have used this gun stock finish. A+ product.

Cleaning surface rust from guns

Once a gun has had rust it is very easy for it to rust again. If you have surface rust the first step is to remove the oxidation. Remove the oxidation using an abrasive such as a soft steel wool 0000 pad and gun oil. If possible do not ruin the finish. When done apply a light coat of oil. If you have worn off blue use Perma Blue on the spots where the finish has rubbed off.

Here is a YouTube video which shows someone cleaning surface rust off of a shotgun:

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