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Crossbows in stock

We have had lots of folks from Baton Rouge coming in and getting crossbows lately. Crossbows start at $399 and work their way up to thousands of dollars. We carry Wicked Ridge, Ten Point, Hornton, Excalibur and even more bows in stock.

Why are crossbows so popular?

They are accurate, deadly, and hunters who use them get to hunt before gun season.

Recently a Spillway Sportsman customer came in with a rotator cuff injury. The shoulder was injured while the hunter was dragging a buck out of the woods; how ironic is that? Anyhow, a significant number of people buying crossbows have a shoulder injury or are rehabbing their shoulder and do not want to damage it more. It is very important not to put a load on an injured shoulder or to re-injure a healing shoulder.

Crossbows are mostly popular though since you can use them before blackpowder season begins. Louisiana Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries puts crossbows in the same category as bows and compound bows. This means that hunters using crossbows are the first in the woods hunting during primitive weapons season.

Many crossbows can launch an arrow at 300 – 350FPS. They are accurate, and with good shot placement, very deadly.

Some crossbows have a stirrup and require two hands to pull the string back. A crank cocking device can make the task a breeze for hunters who have trouble pulling back 175 pounds (or more) of weight, and they also keep the string nice and even on both sides ensuring accurate shots.

If you would like assistance selecting a crossbow, stop by our store today and we’ll get you geared up. 

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